SketchUp for Beginners


In this class, we’ll review the basics of the free SketchUp 3D modeling program. This is for people with little or no experience with SketchUp. We’ll learn basic commands and functions, layer management, component management, scenes, styles, and other helpful tools.

Teachers Wanted

At SparkMacon, we’re passionate about growing our community of young makers, supporting early stage entrepreneurs, and helping you to grow in your art, craft or skill. We believe in helping makers grow and thrive in Central Georgia.

Do you have a talent for getting others excited about your skill or craft? Are you excited about helping people to make, learn, and grow? Are you a good teacher and coach? Our makerspace community invites you to join our learning programs team by submitting a class proposal.

We’re especially looking to grow a relationship with teachers skilled in the following topics: 3D modeling, making and tinkering in the classroom, basic woodworking/metalworking, social media marketing, circuit hacking/arduino, advanced techniques in laser cutting, jewelry making, coding, etc…

Classes can potentially be anything and everything

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