We’re excited that students and teachers from Stratford Academy have joined our SparkMacon community of makers.   In our 3D modeling workshop last weekend, students learned to use TinkerCAD.com to design Christmas ornaments and toys.   I was impressed that they learned the tool and skills quickly.   We really enjoyed getting to expose the students to the world of digital fabrication, 3D printing, Thingiverse, and open source designs.

I’m looking forward to seeing the students 3D print their works.    We closed out our workshop with a “show and tell” session where students could reflect on their work and share their insights.    You can see their fun work below.

Thank you Stratford Academy for joining the SparkMacon family.

Looking forward to our future workshops: electronics, wood working, and laser cutting!


tinkercad1 tinkercad2 tinkercad3 tinkercad4 tinkercad5 tinkercad6 tinkercad7 tinkercad8