HackMacon Hackathon

Are you a programmer, community leader, artist, or designer wanting to make a difference?  Mark your calendars for Feb 28th and March 1st for the SparkMacon Hackathon, a fun weekend of community service using design, programming and technology.  Whether you’re a novice or expert, all are welcome!

  • When: Feb 28th and March 1st @ 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Where: SparkMacon makerspace
  • Cost: Free
  • Click here to register for this event on Facebook.

Why Join the HackMacon Hackathon

  • Contribute to Your Community: The news is filled with challenges and problems that face our nation, state, and local communities.   On this weekend of community service, technologists across the city join forces to connect our communities and prototype solutions.
  • Learning by Doing:  You do not need to be an expert in technology to be a part of the event.   The event is an fruitful opportunity to learn from community designers, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and programmers.   Since the event only lasts one or two days,  teams design very simple solutions to a focused challenge.   The weekend time bounds create an intense and fun learning experience. You learn innovation by doing it.
  • Network with Creative Designers, Programmers, and Leaders: Creatives love to share their craft.   The weekend provides an opportunity for you to get inspired by new ideas, new design techniques, novel tools, and positive social connections.
  • Gain Insight into Community Challenges: The event shines a light on civic challenges and open data.   Collaborating with other innovators in your area, you get to study of problems in your community that YOU care about.
  • Experience the Creative Process:  The 1 or 2 day time box forces teams to explore simple solutions.   Teams will need to focus on one problem, brainstorm potential solutions, prototype a solution, and pitch the idea to your peers.   This is a weekend of action and focused creativity.