Georgia MakerSpace Leaders

We want to say thank you to the team from the Middle Georgia Regional Commission and Georgia Technology Authority for organizing this important forum on the role of technology in helping us grow the next generation of business and technology leaders, growing cultures of innovation in Georgia, and making sure all of our communities/families can leverage the benefits of the Internet.

On a personal note, it was very moving for me to see the panel on Georgia MakerSpaces. This discussion felt like a family union. At SparkMacon, we are very thankful for the inspiration and support we’ve received from 7Hills MakerSpace, The ClubHouse in Augusta, and Four Athens.   We’re excited to support our fellow MakerSpaces in Georgia!  It’s excited to see new MakerSpaces appearing all over Georgia.  Most of all, I admire the passion these leaders have for building a sense of belonging and community in their respective cities.

I hope you enjoy these insights from the #MidGADigital summit.   We’ll continue to share talks and resources as they become available.

Have a great weekend!!!

Photo Credit: Bill Price