Meet Georgia Pallet!


In our first “Meet your Makers” blog post series, I wanted to introduce you to Georgia Pallet.   Molly Davis and Andrew Eck have created a unique business converting pallets into beautiful home furniture and engaging signs.    Their transformative work with pallets is artful and cool!  We’re very thankful that Georgia Pallet has joined the SparkMacon family as members.

Yesterday, Amanda Castor at 41WMGT wrote an awesome story on SparkMacon and Georgia Pallet.   Check out the story here.  Thank you Amanda Castor for covering this story.   It’s exciting to see our SparkMacon members featured in the news!

Wood pallets are often discarded by businesses as waste products.   I love how Molly and Andrew have taken this resource stream and transformed pallets into products that can be enjoyed in homes, businesses, and special events.  In the book “Rework” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the authors teach the metaphor of sawdust.  Every business produces a “by product” or sawdust.   In the past, saw mills would sweep up the sawdust and simply throw it away.   With the invention of particle board, we discovered that you could take the sawdust and produce a marketable product. Georgia Pallet’s model of giving pallet’s purpose is an important idea that all business leaders should consider.  What sort of sawdust are you making today?  How can it be transformed into something of value?

I appreciate Molly Davis and Andrew Eck for their passion and energy.   Andrew and Molly are both industrious students at Mercer University.   They are making their university proud!  Andrew currently studies engineering.  Molly has just started her graduate school career in law.   They are examples that busy college students can become business leaders and create opportunities for themselves and others.   We’re proud of our Macon Makers.

Make sure to learn more about Georgia Pallet on their Facebook page, Twitter feed and Etsy Store:

Molly and Andrew… We are very thankful that you’ve joined the SparkMacon family as members.  We thank you for your generous support of our crowd funding efforts, support with SparkMacon’s marketing efforts, and just being awesome.

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