Help Support SparkMacon


Why should you care?

We believe that supporting creativity and connection between the arts and technology is how we bring the next great ideas to life :

Who are we?

  • A group of  government, business and community leaders spent almost 9 months exploring the idea of  putting a MakerSpace in Macon.  From that larger group the small group of “Founders” you see in our team section took the project on.  These “Founders” represent many aspects of our community and the desire to bring together and create.
Why are we doing this?
  • Part of receiving the full amount from our initial seed grant requires us to be able to show community support through this crowdfunding campaign. We also know that without your support this project will be short lived.  We need members and community support from the start to succeed and that is where you come in.
What does your support mean to us?
  • With your support we hope to provide a home for the next generation of inventors and creators; support creative hobbies, and provide the resources for those individuals who are ready to create now.

What We Need & What You Get

We want everything we do with SparkMacon to be a two way street.  We want members to both give and get from this effort and so should anyone willing to help fund the space.  So here are some background on what we need and what we plan to provide:

  • The space we secured had an issue around providing ADA access.  The landlord graciously agreed to install a lift for us.  This did require us to provide for a long term lease where if we don’t complete the lease a portion of the lift cost will have to be covered.  Funds from this campaign will in part go to cover this cost so we will not have this long term risk.
  • While the initial grant will provide for many of the initial tools and resources the space will need, there are many that it won’t.  Funds from this campaign will go toward expanding our offering to address more needs that the community has outlined in our initial research.
  • We hope we have provided perks at all levels for all people no matter their interest.  But some of the cool ones are discounted members, Workshop Attendance, T-Shirts, and Invitations to our Grand Opening and Donor Dinner.  Not to mention inclusion on our donor walls inside the space.

What are the workshops you ask?

First we plan to hold workshops around 3D printing, laser engraving, woodworking, graphic design, robotics and others that will cover tools and resources inside the space.
But even more special is access to specially arranged workshops from the Macon Arts Alliance Amplify program.  These workshops will include topics around marketing, social media, business planning, funding, online business and others.

Other Ways You Can Help

We know not everyone can contribute financially to the effort and that is OK.  If you are interested in contributing in a non-monetary way please consider:

  • Post on any social media site you are part of about the space and this effort.  The more people talking about it the better.
  • Tell a friend who might be interested in becoming a member or contributing about the space and the effort.  Tell them why you feel the space and effort is important.
  • Attend any of the community events we are hosting to show support.  We can use hands too!