I woke up this morning at 5am in a panic.  For me this happens often because like everyone that is working to bring SparkMacon to life, I try and fill all 168 hours of my week in a way that maximizes outcomes.  We all have full lives with work, family and friends that we have to balance our time around. So even in my sleep I am dreaming about plans, goals and risks and lately my dreams are almost all about SparkMacon.  This morning it was about the fact that we are within 3 days of ending our successful crowdfunding campaign and what items I hadn’t considered yet as the next steps that need to be done on that.  Compound that with all of the items already on the To Do list over the next 28 days as we ready the space for our first event on Nov 7th and my panic became fear of failure and that turned into exhaustion as I sat there on the edge of my bed trying to decide if I needed sleep or more time to get things pulled together.


I decided to get up and work to get down on paper all of my thoughts before my day started in earnest.  So as I came into the office this morning to start work I was tired in a way that coffee can’t fix.  I was questioning how my time was being allocated and whether it was all worth it.  Then my computer dinged, when I looked it was 2 things.  The first was our 42nd contributor to the crowdfunding campaign (And our 30th membership) and the second was an email asking about the space and how this person and his family might be able to use it as members.  In that moment my tired/exhaustion/fear/panic turned back into excitement and passion about what we are doing and going to do with SparkMacon.  Because I got involved for what the vision of this community and space can represent for myself, my family, my company and the community.  We can support passionate and curious people whether they are just looking to experiment and play or looking to turn an idea into a business.  We can engage our children in a form of learning that is fun and exciting to support the next generation.  All of which results in a better community for everyone; even those that never set foot in our space.


So as I stopped and said thank you to the donor, answered the email, probably in way to many words due to my passion for the space and this movement; I thought I should also say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to like, follow, read, challenge, contribute and engage with us.  It is because of you lifting us up through these actions that we can continue to work to lift the space and community into being.  Especially in those moments when we question it all ourselves.  Please continue to ask questions, provide us with feedback, talk about the maker movement and SparkMacon because that is what makes all of the work meaningful for us.