SparkMacon Front Door

Morning!  I just wanted to extend a heart-felt thank you to all the SparkMacon members who worked our cleaning day this past weekend.     From watching Facebook updates from our SparkMacon friends, the team is still feeling kind of sore from the work.   It really was hard work.   (check out the video)  On behalf of the SparkMacon community, please know we recognize your hard work and appreciate your efforts to prepare our community space for future community members.

Please continue to spread the word about SparkMacon MakerSpace.   This space for artists, technology innovators, entrepreneurs, and tinkerers will only succeed with your support.   Please consider giving with your hands and time.  We’re looking forward to opening the space in November 2014.   We, however, have a lot of effort to complete.

I also want to recognize and thank Larry Najera for all of his efforts in helping us improve our social media marketing outreach and promotions.   He really has the heart of a teacher when it comes to his craft of graphic design, media, and web promotions.   Thank you Larry for volunteering your time and talent to help grow the Macon creative community.

As you can see, SparkMacon MakerSpace is built by the community to serve the greater community.  We look forward to you joining the movement!

Hope you have a great week!!

The SparkMacon Team



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